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Ingredient main ingredients are: ethanol containing less than 95.0%
Formula: C2H6O
Molecular Weight: 46.07
Colorless clear liquid; slight special smell, taste burning strong; volatile, flammable, burning was pale blue flame; heated to about 78 ℃ that is boiling.
[Drug treatment]
This product is the most commonly used disinfectant antiseptic medicine, so that it can function in the cell protein denaturation and killed. 40-60% (ml / ml) concentration on Staphylococcus aureus the most effective, but less than 70% (ml / ml) concentrations were slow. 70% (ml / ml) concentrations of the strongest sterilizing effect within two minutes 90% of the surface of the skin can kill bacteria. Too high a concentration of high cell surface protein coagulation, preventing the penetration of ethanol inwardly affect sterilization. Of Bacillus invalid. Ethanol rubbed the skin can expand the local blood vessels, increase blood circulation, since ethanol can be volatile, help heat dissipation.
As a skin and instrument disinfection, diluted alcohol rubbed the skin of patients with high fever can reduce body temperature; rubbed the skin of bedridden patients can prevent bedsores. Also used in pharmaceutical vehicles.
Diluted to different concentrations according to the application needs. For patients with high fever, 20-30% (ml / ml) ethanol rubbed skin cooling; prevention of pressure ulcers by 40-50% (ml / ml) ethanol rubbed. Skin disinfection commonly 70% ~ 75% (ml / ml) was added.
Adverse reactions
Occasional skin irritation.
Oral absorption can cross the placenta. Avoid contact with eyes. This product is flammable.
500ml; 5000ml.
(1) glass bottles, 500ml / bottle.
(2) plastic drums, 5000ml / barrel.
Shading, sealed and stored.
Approval Number
Liao Wei medicine accurate (1996) Article No. 002254
Company Name: Shenyang Hongqi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Address: Shenyang Hunnan new network on the 6th Street Zip code: 110179
Phone: (024) 2,378,626,023,786,261 Fax: (024) 23786263


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