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  • Name: Iodine Tincture(500ml)
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This product is the main component of iodine per ml of 20 mg, 15 mg of potassium iodide. Excipients: ethanol and water.
This product is red brown clear liquid; special smell of iodine and ethanol.
[Role category]
Product dermatology drug class non-prescription drugs.
 For skin infections and disinfection.
With a cotton swab dipped in a small amount of iodine, topical application may be from the center outward, then disinfect with 70% alcohol iodine.
[Adverse reactions]
Occasional allergic reactions and dermatitis.
It is not clear.
1. Do not apply on damaged skin, eye and oral mucosa disinfection.
2. This product is for external use, avoid oral. If ingested poisoning should immediately orally or rice starch paste, and sent to hospital for treatment.
3. medication site, if the burning sensation, itching, swelling, etc. should be discontinued, and the local drug wash, if necessary, consult your physician.
4. If you use the 3rd consecutive invalid, you should consult a physician.
5. disabled on this allergy, allergic caution.
6. characteristics of the product changed to prohibit use.
7. Keep out of the reach of children.
8. Children must be under adult supervision.
9. If you are using other drugs, please consult your physician before using this product or pharmacist.
Drug interactions
1. No alkali, alkaloids, chloral hydrate, phenol, sodium thiosulfate, starch, tannic acid with the use or exposure.
2. As with other drugs at the same time use may occur drug interactions, please consult your physician or pharmacist.
Pharmacological effects
This product disinfection preservatives, and its mechanism is bacterial protein denaturation, death, bacteria, fungi, viruses are killing effect. 
Shading, sealed and kept in a cool place.
(1) plastic bottles, 20ml / bottle; carton packaging, 1 bottle / box.
(2) glass bottles, 500ml / bottle.
[Validity]24 months
[Executive standard]
 "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" 2010 edition two
Approval Number
Zhunzi H21021632
[Specification revision date]
June 7, 2007
Company Name: Shenyang Hongqi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Production Address: Shenyang Hunnan New District envelope 6th Street
Postal Code: 110179
phone number: (024)23786260  23786261
fax number:(024)23786263

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