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Corporate culture: people-oriented, innovative pilot, quality first, customers first
Since my company to set up has been holding "people-oriented, innovative pilot, quality first, customers first" concept of operations services, in ten years, the ever-changing market environment and steady growing. Top people through 19 years of joint efforts, our company has successfully developed a variety of high-tech cobalt-based tungsten alloy products, production of cobalt-based alloy powder metallurgy method is the use of my company is a major technological innovation, domestic unique, the technology for the company's development into a strong driving force.
With the continuous development of foreign trade has become a two-line future direction of our company, but persist in innovation and quality leader in our philosophy has always been, to make our company reach cobalt alloy "international world-class tungsten alloy products service providers, "the vision of all Top people in the joint efforts to create a more brilliant tomorrow.