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  Owned enterprise founded four decades of history in 1964, Shenyang Hongqi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., located in the beautiful scenery of the Shenyang Hunnan New District, covers an area of ​​65,000 square meters. Have tablets, capsules, soft capsules, liniment, solution, tincture, granules, sprays, ear drops, ointments, suppositories 11 dosage forms, and through the GMP authentication. Production workshop building area of ​​over 24,000 square meters, has advanced tablets and capsules production line, Italy imports of fully automatic soft capsule machine, Switzerland imported automatic aerosol filling machine and filling line liquid formulations. Annual production capacity: 1.5 billion tablets, 1 billion capsules, 500 million capsules, 5 million bottles of liquid formulations.

Since 1991, World Health Organization and the Chinese government carried out the TB control program. The companies in the Japanese government aid to poor regions in western China TB control project, the central government of anti-TB drugs and equipment project, a World Bank loan and the British government grants international TB control projects such as the successful bidder in the tender ten years, the company has now become a red flag the country's largest anti-TB drug development and production base. In recent years, the various aspects of quality management, has made considerable progress from the development, production, and access to a variety of Honor. On September 10 two ОО Liaoning Provincial Science and Technology Agency presented a high-tech enterprise certificate; two ОО March 2005 by the Shenyang City Administration, Shenyang City Credit Association as "Shenyang Credible units" ; two ОО April 2005 was awarded the Shenyang non-public economy "Star Enterprise" CPC Shenyang municipal government.
Company efforts to establish a modern, international management system, and actively learn from the advanced experience at the same time, combined with the actual situation of enterprises, establishment of a set for the enterprise development, integrated and advanced management system. Raw materials procurement, production, testing, storage and management of all aspects of the use of GMP, and gradually into the international quality management standard. All of these efforts will inject unlimited vitality and development of Shenyang Hongqi brand Hongqi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. to provide the vast space.